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Keens Tackle & Guns

Our aim will, as always, be to provide everything you need in one place, all the time with the quality of personal service not available from mail order suppliers. Our fishing store caters for Sea, Game and Coarse anglers. We hold all leading brands in rods and reels as well as a massive range of terminal tackle, luggage and baits along with a good range of clothing and footwear to aid you in the pursuit of the perfect catch no matter what the weather throws at you.

Fishing Tackle Shop

Fly Fishing Tackle

Fly Fishing Rods

Hardy Fly Rods
Greys Fly Rods
Special Offer Fly Rods
Rod, Reel and Line Deals

Fly Fishing Reels

Hardy Fly Reels
Greys Fly Reels
Other Fly Reels

Fly Fishing Lines

Fly Fishing Lines
Fly Line Backing and Loops
Fly Line Leaders
Floatants and Sinkants

Donegal Fly Selection


Dry Fly Parachute
Dry Fly Classic
May Fly Dry
May Fly Wet
Nymph Bead Head
Nymph Buzzer
Nymph Std.
Nymph Wtd
Wet Fly


Micro Treble
Ally Shrimp Double
Hair Wing Double
Ally Shrimp Single
Hair Wing Single
Alu Tube Short
Copper Tube Short
Mini Tube (Plastic)
Mini Tube (Copper)
Mini Tube (Riffle Hitch)
Mini Tube (Micro)
Salar Double
BMD Double
Brora Waddington Short
Mini Temple Dog
Shrimp Treble
Shrimp Double
Shrimp Single
World Range - Salar Double F/W
World Range - Fur Wing Tube
Tube Piglet
Tube Baby Bottle
Tube Cone Full Metal

Sea Trout

Single TK
Single Salt

Destination Saltwater

GT Special



Fly Tying

Fly Tying Books
Fly Tying Hooks
Fly Tying Tools and Kits
Synthetic Materials
Natural Furs
Natural Feathers
Floatants ,Wax ,Varnishes and Epoxy
Beads,Eyes and Heads
Wings,Bodies,and Tails
Dubbings&Dubbing Sets
Silks Threads & Tinsels
Wire,Holographic & Chenille
Rubber Legs,Grubs & Foam

Fly Fishing Luggage

Fly Fishing Bags
Fly Rod Tubes and Reel Bags
Fly Fishing Nets and Drogues

Polarized Glasses

Costa Del Mar Polarized Glasses
Rapala Polarized Glasses
Jarvis Walker Polarized Glasses
Eye Level Polarized Glasses

Fly Fishing Boxes
Tools and Accessories
Electric Motors and Boat Seats

Sea Fishing Tackle

Beach Fishing Rods

Daiwa Beachcasting Fishing Rods
Cono-flex Beachcasting Fishing Rods
Century Beachcasting Fishing Rods
Anyfish Anywhere Beachcasting Fishing Rods
Greys Beachcasting Fishing Rods
Abu Garcia Beachcasting Fishing Rods
Penn Beachcasting Fishing Rods
Rod and Reel Combinations
Used Beachcasting Fishing Rods

Multiplier Beach Fishing Reels

Abu Multiplier Fishing Reels
Daiwa Multiplier Fishing Reels
Penn Multiplier Fishing Reels
Greys Multiplier Fishing Reels
Shakespeare Multiplier Fishing Reels
Special Offers

Fixed Spool Fishing Reels
Bass Fishing Rods
Bass Fishing Reels
Downtide Boat Fishing Rods
Uptide Boat Fishing Rods
Multiplier Boat Reels
Rod Stands, Butt Pads and Beach Shelters
Sea Fishing Lines

Sea Fishing Monofilament
Sea Fishing Braid
Sea Fishing Shockleaders
Sea Fishing Snood Line and Wire

Sea Fishing Luggage

Sea Fishing Rig and Bits Wallets
Sea Fishing Rucksacks and Carryalls
Sea Fishing Rod and Reel Storage
Sea Fishing Lure Bags and Storage
Sea Fishing Bait Bags and Buckets
Sea Fishing Seat Boxes and Accessories

Sea Fishing Rigs and Components

Sea Fishing Hooks
Sea Fishing Rig Components
Sea Fishing Swivels, Links and Clips
Sea Fishing Booms
Sea Fishing Shore Rigs
Sea Fishing Boat Rigs

Weights and Weight Moulds

Sea Fishing Weights
Weight Moulds and Accessories

Rod Building Components and Accessories

Sea Fishing Rod Rings
Shrink Tube and Reflective Tape
Reel Seats, Coasters and Bags
Threads and Varnishes

Multiplier Reel Spares

Side Plates and Base Plates
Standard and Power Handles
Cages and Spools
Internal and External Parts

Sea Fishing Baits

Sea Fishing Live Bait
Sea Fishing Frozen Bait

Carp Fishing Tackle

Carp Fishing Rods

Century Carp Fishing Rods
Greys Carp Fishing Rods
Chub Carp Fishing Rods
Daiwa Carp Fishing Rods
Carp Fishing Combinations

Carp Freespin Reels
Carp Big Pit and Spod Reels
J. W. Young Centrepin Reels
Carp Specimen Nets
Carp Baiting Systems
Carp Lines, Leaders and Hooklinks

Main Lines
Hooklink Material and Leaders
Hook to Nylon

Carp Rig Components, Tools,and weights

Carp Hooks
Ready Made Rigs
Rig Components
Rig Tools

Carp P.V.A Products
Carp Specialist Luggage

Carp Carryalls
Carp Holdalls
Carp Rig and Weight Storage
Carp Bait Bags
Carp Metal Ware
Carp Slings and Matts
Carp Session Cook Bags and Utensils

Carp Chairs, Bedchairs and Sleeping Bags
Carp Bivvies and Shelters
Carp Bite Alarms and Indicators
Polaris Self Adjusting Floats
Angling Technics Bait Boats
Carp, Pike and Coarse Baits

Liquids and Glugs
Boilies and Pop-ups
Groundbaits and Pellets
Particle Baits
Hookbaits and Meats
Bargain Box Deals
Artificial Baits
Frozen Pike Dead Baits

Trollies and Barrows
Carp Fishing D.V.D

Coarse Fishing Tackle

Hardy Marksman Coarse Rods and Centrepin Reels
Feeder, Match and Waggler Rods
Match Reels
J. W. Young Centrepin Reels
Coarse Fishing Luggage
Coarse Fishing Terminal Tackle
Coarse Fishing Baits

Lure Fishing Tackle

Spinning Fishing Rods
Spinning Fishing Reels
Lure Fishing Bags
Spinners, Lures and Plugs

Yo-Zuri Plugs
Rapala Plugs
Tubeology Lure Kits
Tsunami Plugs
Vibrax Spinners
Welsh Rubbertail Spinners
Sidewinder Soft Baits
Williamson Lures
Berkley Soft Baits
Dexter Lures

Spinning Fishing Line
Terminal Tackle
Berkley Gulp Trout Dough

Clothing and Footwear

Waterproof Clothing
Fleeces and Thermal Wear
Gloves, Socks and Headware
Waders and Wading Boots
Hand Warmers

Knives and Tools

Weighing Scales
Tools and Accessories
Line Strippers and Sharpeners

Lamps and Lighting

Coleman Lanterns
Reflective Tape and Tip Lights

Hunting and Shooting Store

Air Guns and Accessories

Precharged Air Rifles

Air Arms Pre Charged Air Rifles
BSA Pre Charged Air Rifles
Daystate Pre Charged Air Rifles
FX Pre Charged Air Rifles
Falcon Pre Charged Air Rifles
Gunpower Pre Charged Air Rifles
Theoben Pre Charged Air Rifles
Weihrauch Pre Charged Air Rifles

Spring and Gas Ram Air Rifles

AirArms Spring Air Rifles
BSA Spring Air Rifles
Theoben Gas Ram Air Rifles
Weihrauch Spring Air Rifles

Air Pistols
Used Airguns
Airgun Pellets
Silencers and Moderators
Airgun Slings, Cases and Accessories
Airgun Cleaning and Maintenance

Firearms and Accessories


C Z Firearms
Ruger Firearms
Sako Firearms
Tikka Firearms
Anschutz Firearms
Remington Firearms
Savage Firearms
Howa Firearms

Used Firearms

.17HMR Ammunition
.22 Ammunition
Centrefire Ammunition
Black Powder and Reloading Equipment

Firearms Storage
Cleaning and Maintenance
Slings, Bipods and Accessories
Hunting DVD'S

Shotguns and Accessories


Beretta Shotguns
Browning Shotguns
Baikal Shotguns
Lincoln Shotguns
Bettinsoli Shotguns
Mossberg Shotguns
Escort Shotguns
Lanber Shotguns
Laurona Shotguns
Investarm Shotguns

Used Shotguns
Shotgun Cartridges
Shotgun Clays
Black Powder and Reloading Equipment
Shotgun Storage and Maintenance

Vision and Lighting

Rifle Scopes
Night Vision
Binoculars and Spotting Scope
Scope and Vision Accessories
Hand Held Lamps
Scope mounted Lamps
Lamping Accessories

Dog and Ferret Training and Vermin Traps

Dog Training
Ferreting and Netting
Vermin Traps and Snares

Knives, Multi-Tools and Metal Detecting

Cold Steel Knives
Buck Knives
Swiss Army Knives
Opinel Knives
Other Knives
Knife Sharpener's
Metal Detecting

Archery, Slingshots and Paintball

Bows and Accessories
Crossbows and Accessories
Slingshots and Accessories
Paintball Guns and Accessories

Hunting Clothing & Footwear

Camouflage Waterproof Clothing and Bodywear
Waterproof Clothing
Fleeces and Thermal Bodywear
Footwear Boots
Footwear Wellingtons
Special Offers
Discounted Items (gun shop)

Ocean Kayaks and Accessories

Ocean Kayaks
Kayak Accessories

Marine and Towing Accessories

Keens Tackle & Guns
117-119 Bridgend Road
01656 722448

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